“The hills were alive… with the Sound of Music”, as the talented 5th year students enthralled a captive audience with their splendid performance of “The Sound of Music”. It was a truly memorable experience, in which all of the 5th years were involved. Producer-director was Mrs Irene Burke, the musical director Ms. Timara Galassi, pianist.


The part of Maria was portrayed by Susan Sheridan. Naomi Doyle, a handsome Captain Von Trapp, tempted Maria away from the cloister — without too much difficulty. Their singing was accompanied by the angelic Von Trapp children. The Abbey Nuns formed a wonderful choir, led by the Mother Abbess (Caroline Browne). Indeed, I believe these Nuns may even have been offered a place in the convent!

Each weekend, we took a few hours off to go to Timara’s house, where she very kindly welcomed us. There we practised the singing. Our drama class on Wednesday gave us a chance to polish up on our acting. So, between both of these practices, we managed to prepare ourselves as well as could be expected for the opening night.

The acting was absolutely outstanding, and Una Mc Kevitt won an award at the ceremonies, for her very original portrayal of Mad Max!

We performed on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March, and put on a really excellent show. We all agreed that it was a great experience, and who knows…. Maybe you might see some of us on the stage again in the future!

Alva Finnegan 5Y Production Assistant.

From Annual 1991-1992

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