Hey everyone!

My name is Emma Duggan and I graduated from Cluny in 2016 with a bunch of wonderful girls. This is a quick run-through of what I have gotten up to since I left Cluny in 2016.

Throughout my final year in Cluny, I became really interested in Psychology so when it came to filling out the CAO form, I took the plunge and put it as my number one choice. I started my undergrad in UCD in 2016. It was a 3-year course and I can honestly say that I loved every minute of it. When people initially think of a ‘Psychology’ degree they might assume it is just about Mental Health and Wellbeing, but, over the years, I had so many fascinating lectures on the likes of Child Development, Language, Culture, Prejudice, Attraction, Memory, Crime and Neuroscience but to name a few. Throughout your time in college, I highly recommend seizing all opportunities that come your way! During the summer of 2018, I was given the chance to fly to Austria to spend time with Psychology students from the University of Innsbruck. I had an amazing time exploring a new country while also experiencing life as a student in Austria!

I had some spare time most weeks and I chose to volunteer throughout my undergrad. During my first year, I helped out in a special class for children with Autism and this was a really rewarding experience. I then went on to work as a volunteer for St. John of God’s Carmona Services which provide support for individuals with intellectual disabilities (and is only down the road from Cluny). I spent my Fridays going for walks, exploring local caf├ęs and even took a trip to Knock with the wonderful people who depend on the services.

During the final year of my degree, I decided that I was not going to immediately pursue a career in Psychology, but a career as a Primary School teacher instead. I wanted to use all of the stuff I had learnt throughout my degree in a classroom. I started my Professional Masters of Education in 2019 in Marino and I am due to qualify as a teacher in May of this year! The masters has been extremely tough but worth every minute. I have worked as a substitute teacher throughout the masters and I know that I will love my career as a teacher. I still have a strong passion for Psychology, and I am not ruling out the idea of becoming an Educational Psychologist in 15/20 years! For now, I will happily use all of my Psychology knowledge in my work as a teacher and it is nice to know that there are plenty of other options available to me down the line!

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